Life Stages

The Herd
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We’ve adapted a blog post from Bryan Loritts about the five stages of a man’s life to fit the life stages of people in The Herd.

If you want to read more from Bryan, his blog is listed below.

Student - 

Still reliant on someone else for everyday needs like food, gas, or rent. You are figuring out the type of man you want to become before taking on a lot of responsibility.

Young Adult - 

You are just starting in your career and beginning to focus on the future instead of what's right in front of you. Have a desire for the privileges of adulthood but don't yet have the responsibility associated with it.


Prioritize taking ownership of your life and others you have chosen to commit to. You focus on hard things like keeping a job, paying bills, and contributing to society. Takes responsibility rather than makes excuses and focuses on contributing more than consuming.

Mentor - 

You've consistently embraced responsibility, prioritized pouring into others, and are focused on multiplying yourself for the good of others and society.

Patriarch - 

You are in the final stages of a man's life, where you can leverage the years you put in and invest in future generations. People look up to you, and young men want to learn from you.


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