August 23 - 25, 2024

Fraser, Colorado 

Become a Better Man, Husband, Leader, and Father

Learn How to Believe in Yourself and Trust God 

Join a Group of Men All Working Towards Becoming Better Leaders

Join Hundreds of Men Working to Become a Better Husband, Man, Father, and Leader

Ever feel like your family and friends deserve someone better? 

Struggle with setting and achieving goals?

Fear that the people closest to you are eventually going to leave because you're not good enough?

Tired of loading everything on your shoulders, putting your head down, and grinding it out on your own?

Confused about how to "be a good man" because you never got the operator’s manual?

Constantly worried people are going to discover you're a fraud?




We Get It


You have probably asked yourself questions like this over and over in the back of your mind.  Hell, we all do. 

We believe we can—and must—conquer them.


We’ve put together a group of speakers who are counted among the top faith leaders, writers, counselors, or consultants on the planet. These men aren’t your normal, unapproachable, holier-than-thou men’s conference speakers. They have each experienced some of the darkest moments life has to offer and have made it out the other side better men. Their passion is to lead men into a realization of who they should and can be.

Joby Martin

Is it Really Going to Make a Difference?

That's the question, isn't it? Well, here's the answer... IT DEPENDS. 

It depends on YOU.

Do you actually want change and grow or are you content just where you are?

Do you want to become a better man or stick to the same old habits that got you where you are now?

Are you willing to push yourself or do you prefer to sit back and stay "comfortable"?

Listen... we're not here to convince you that you should be something you’re not, but if any of this has connected with you, keep reading. 

We have the roadmap. You must be willing to follow it. 

Check Out This Recap Video From Last Year 

How Life Can Change

What could life look like if you go all in? 

No excuses, no reservations, no holding back... just fully pursuing a better life?

"You can aim at something and that will shape you as you move towards it...You'll be molded across time more and more into the person you could be." - Jordan Peterson

Imagine being confident that your family is proud of you.

Realize you have the power to change your life for the better.

Get a plan of attack on life.

Be intentional with the people you care about the most. 

All of this is possible if you're willing to do the work.

You Get Out What You Put In 

It's decision time. Are you willing to take the risks necessary to change your life or are you satisfied with the way things have always been? 

The choice is yours and yours alone—not your wife's, not your girlfriend’s, not your boss’s, and not your friend’s. 

YOU have to choose.

Click the button below and we'll see you at the summit.

In Need of a Payment Plan or Scholarship? 

Fill out the form below to apply for either a payment plan or scholarship and someone will get back with you! We start reviewing scholarship applications in July.


What's included in the ticket price?

Your ticket includes general admission to the Rocky Mountain Men's Summit, five meals, two nights stay at Crooked Creek Ranch, branded merch, and giveaway entries for participating in events.


What if I need a refund?

No problem!  We understand that unexpected things come up.  If you email us before July 1st, we will issue a full refund.  If you cancel in July, we issue a 50% refund.  No refunds will be given after July 31st.


Is there a coupon code?

We have no public coupon codes for this event. If you are in need of a scholarship, please fill out the form below. 


How many people will be there?

We will have around 450 men from all across the country attending this weekend. 


Is transportation to the Summit provided?

No, each participant is responsible for transportation to and from Crooked Creek Ranch in Fraser, CO. As the event gets closer, we will launch some tools to help attendees coordinate carpooling. 


How far is the Men's Summit from Denver Airport?

It takes around two and a half hours from Denver International Airport.


Are there sleeping accommodations?

Yes! We will be staying in lodge-style dorm rooms with attached bathrooms. We provide linens, pillows, and towels, but don't forget to bring some ear plugs! 


Is this an outdoor event?

No, but we will have lots of outdoor activities throughout the weekend.


Will there be any downtime? 

We built the schedule to allow each person to get what they want out of the event, so if you want to take a nap or go on a hike during a session, the only thing preventing you from that is FOMO.


Can I attend alone, or is everyone going in groups?

Most people attend solo. This is an excellent event for meeting new friends and getting out of the city for a weekend.