The Herd Terms and Conditions Supplement

If you continue to use this website ( then you agree that these Terms and Conditions, in combination with the Xperience362, LLC terms linked below, govern and control your use of The Herd's website.

These terms are in addition to the linked terms which more specifically describe the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities of both Xperience362, LLC and JB3 Consulting, Inc. ("JB3")  In the event of a conflict between these terms and those of Xperience362's, these terms shall control.

Sharing Your Content and Information.  Any content, information, whether in audio, video or a combination of the two that you upload to The Herd website will be owned by JB3 Consulting, Inc.  Upon uploading, you agree to share all rights with JB3 and allow and consent to all subsequent use without compensation or any subsequent control by yourself over the uploaded content.  JB3 may retransmit, combine, or prepare derivative works using your content without any notification or other obligation to you.  You further grant to JB3 a fully-paid, non-exclusive worldwide license to use the content including but not limited to, retransmission, combination, or to prepare derivative works with any and all content you upload to

Disputes - Applicable Law.  Any and all disputes you have regarding The Herd's website or business will be subject to Colorado law, and all disputes shall be subject to the Federal and State courts located in the Northern District of Colorado, and Boulder County, Colorado, as applicable. 

Content - Copyright, Trademark.  The Herd website and all copyrightable content is owned by JB3 Consulting, Inc.  All trademarks, logos, icons, trade names and other indicia of the origin of the goods or services offered herein is owned by JB3 Consulting, Inc.

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